Buying A Dog Bed For Your Big Breed

For those who own large dog breeds, it is quite difficult, not to mention expensive, to find the correct accessories and items like dog beds. Luckily, there are a number of ways you can find better deals on beds for larger dogs without sacrificing quality. 

There are a number of ways to fix the problem of beds for larger dogs, or at least help you find one that will work for both you and your dog. This involves thinking about sleeping habits, taking measurements and looking at firm, high-grade bedding. This also involves thinking about the shape of the bed.   

First off, think about how your dog sleeps. Do they toss and turn, roll, or, in the cases of many larger dogs, sprawl? This is especially important if your large breed is as large as a Great Dane. A good option for this can be donut dog beds, which are simply large, round beds that are especially effective at supporting huge, sprawling dogs. 

Next, think about your dog's actual size. This is key, as 'large breeds' encompasses breeds from German Shepherds to Great Danes, even though there is a significant height difference between the two. Thus, instead of relying on the 'for large breeds' title, take your dog's measurements before getting them a bed. This ensures you can truly get the right size bed for your dog, whether it is a square or donut shaped bed. 

You want to ensure you get material that is high-quality, preferable with memory foam padding and virgin fiber fill. Remember that larger dogs wear things like beds out faster because of their weight and habits; thus hardier outside materials like canvas and firm, memory-foam insides are some of your best options when looking for a bigger bed. 

Last but not least, think about the shape of your dog's bed. While the square is fine, there is a reason many dog beds are rounded. Donut shaped dog beds are quite popular because they fit almost any size or breed of dog and come with a lot of options. They can also be easier to place in a house and make your dog become  more comfortable.


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