Tips When Traveling With Your Dog 

If traveling more is on your bucket list, why not bring your four-legged friend along for the adventure? Experiencing new cultures, seeing new sights and meeting new people are some of the most enriching things we can do. It only makes sense then that our dogs would jump at the opportunity to go with us.  Here are some ways you can make the most of your traveling dreams with your dog by your side. 


1. Pack for Safety and Comfort Outdoors 

If you’re an outdoor adventurer, then the K9 Sport Sack is the device you never knew you needed. Wearing one of these bad boys means your dog will never miss out on another breath-taking view or heart-pounding adventure again. The K9 Sport Sack’s design gives your best buddy an over the shoulder view so that they’re comfortable and in tune with every move you make. Whether you’re snowboarding in Colorado, hiking in Vienna or walking the shoreline in Miami, you can bring your dog along hands-free and stress-free. 


Don’t Forget The Essentials 

Before you and your fuzzy BFF hit the trails, make sure your intended path is dog approved. Always be sure to pack plenty of food and water. Collapsible food and water bowls are a space-saving, quick way to refuel your pup. Pet-safe insect repellent and dog booties for rough terrain can be helpful if you plan to let your dog stretch their legs periodically. A pet first aid kit is also a definite must. The ASPCA recommends these first  aid essentials: 


Absorbent gauze pads 

Adhesive tape 

Cotton balls or swabs 

Fresh 3% hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting (give this only under veterinarian or animal poison control recommendation) 

Ice pack 

Disposable gloves 

Scissors with a blunt end 


OTC antibiotic ointment 

Oral syringe or turkey baster 

Liquid dishwashing detergent (for bathing) 


Small flashlight 

Alcohol wipes 

Styptic powder 

Saline eye solution 

Artificial tear gel 


2. Finding Adventure In The Big City 


Adventures with your best friend don’t stop in the outdoors. Navigating the concrete jungle of your favorite big city has never been easier! When you’re in a big city, you can almost always count on traveling via mass transit. New York City has a unique law requiring your dog to fit inside a bag if you plan on having them tag along for a subway ride. Wearing your pup is a handy way to abide by the law and travel handsfree! You can sip your favorite coffee in one hand and show your pooch funny cat videos in the other. 


3. Keep It Simple at the Airport 

If you’ve ever tried to navigate a busy airport with your dog in tow, then you know what a headache it can be. Your luggage drags behind you and pet carriers are bulky. Security checkpoints are stressful. People are sneezing, kids are crying, you don’t know whether or not you’re supposed to take off your belt and shoes. It’s nuts! 

Carrying your dog on your back or in a wearable holder is a great way to keep you handsfree and stress-free. Load up your pup and shop the duty-free stores without a care in the world with the TSA-approved Karry-On! Of course, you still have to abide by any airline policies regarding dogs in flight. If airports and long layovers seem to be your second home, then wearing your dog is a no brainer. 


4. Prepare for Potential Emergencies 

Whether you’re traveling abroad or staying domestically, you should be prepared when you have fido in tow. Of course, you should always make sure your dog’s microchip information is up to date. If you’re traveling to a different country, be sure to research the rules and regulations that each country requires. Many countries require specific vaccinations or veterinarian approval. 

Have a local veterinarian’s information readily available and on you at all times. It’s best to research this ahead of time. If an emergency arises, you don’t want to waste any time with a language barrier or incur those hefty international data charges on your phone. 

Master the K9 Sport Sack Before Navigating 

The World using the K9 Sport Sack requires some training like any dog product. Some dogs will take to it very quickly, others may need a few rides to get accustomed to it. Thankfully, there’s help for that! Each dog’s shape and size are as unique as their personalities. That’s why there are multiple sizes and styles to choose from and accessories to give each fluffy butt a custom fit. 

Tips and tricks can be found every Tuesday on YouTube. K9 Sport Sack’s “Tip Tuesday” tells you everything you need to know like how to put the carrier on if you’re alone and tips to get your pup comfortable with using it. The same tips can also be found in K9 Sport Sack’s Instagram story highlights if Instagram is more your thing. 


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