Anti-Chew Spra

Anti-Chew Spra

Anti-Chew Spra

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The Anti-Chew Spray deters pets from chewing furniture, shoes, electrical cords, carpet, and more!

  • Uses a natural bittering agent that’s safe and effective
  • One of the most potent formulas on the market
  • Just spray the object and watch your dog leave it alone!


Does Your Dog Have a Chewing Habit?

Chewing is a natural behavior for puppies and dogs, but sometimes they like to target our favorite (not to mention expensive) belongings. From shoes to furniture and toys to clothes, if you’re a pawrent you’ve most likely come home to a chewed up item at least once or twice.

There are a few different ways to put an end to the chewing, from investing in training to keeping doggo in a crate. But these methods take time, and sometimes you just can’t take a chance- you need a foolproof solution!

Introducing the Anti-Chew Spray

This incredible spray is fast, easy, and gives you that peace of mind when you’re out the door. It uses a strong bittering agent that is natural and safe, but dogs don’t like the smell and stay away. It’s also gentle to use on your belongings and won’t damage leather, wood, or any other material.

Just spritz it on the object and you’re done. Your dog’s strong sense of smell will pick up on the bitter flavor, and he’ll quickly forget the temptation to go on a chewing spree!

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